I am an experienced photographer specialising in portraits. I work with performers to create unique, powerful headshots that will get them work in a tough industry. I am recommended by top acting agents and having worked as an actress myself, I have the background knowledge to get you the shot you need. As a photographer I studied at the London Institute of Photography.


Sessions take place at my studio in Raynes Park*.  The price for a session is £180. This includes 4 edits in colour and black and white. 4 your choice and one mine. Any extra edits are £10 per edit. I shoot in the studio and outside. I schedule in roughly 2hrs for shoots- not a problem if we go over. There is time for hair, make up and clothing changes. 

Student offer- I offer students a shorter session for £120. The shoot last 1hr 30 mins and you get 2 edits included. 

* As of March 1st shoots will be based in Chiswick.



These sessions offer more freedom than the strict headshot format. My portraits like to capture who a person is and show them in their element. 

Street Shots

Capturing the unique, interesting people of London.




The full package. All you will need as an actor. Headshots, full length shots and natural less formal portraits. Shoots last 2hr 30 mins but I am not rigid with time. 12 edits included- 2 of my choice.  The price of this session is £300.